Back in 2015…

We started out with a team of 3 and a small selection of lovingly crafted good goods and a handful of our favourite regulars. The grind was tough and the days beneath the Wellington sun were hot, but that's what we're all about!

The term “at Sixes and Sevens” means to be in a state of disarray and we can imagine that's how one might feel when walking through the doors of our wee deli and seeing the vast range of things we do on the daily to bring people a little bit of joy. The interior and exterior of this get-up have changed plenty of times but we think it’s a testament to its growth.

With plenty of spunk and personality, we're powering through this year and constantly evolving with the seasons. Sixes is fresh, homely, welcoming and we're always stoked to see some new and familiar faces and have a chat about anything and everything.

So next time you're in the area, come in and have a cuppa, sit by the window and people watch, because who knows, this might just be your new favourite.

Much love,

Sixes Crew